Full time worker, stud manager, professional equestrian and now bodybuilder! | Emma Bowman - Posing & Fitness Coach

Tania contacted me after she decided to finally put her health first! Being so busy with her horses and full time shift work, bad habits had crept in over the years. Now, she has a new found love of the gym and easily finds time to incorporate healthy eating and training into her hectic days. Training for her now is a much needed stress relief and confidence booster. Tania has written beautiful words to me throughout her program:
“My success is all because of you babe! I was so stuck and kept watching your inspirational posts on FB and how you were changing lives. You are a super woman. You have turned me around. I’m forever thankful…I cant wait to smash out some more goals!!”
“my friends have noticed changes in me… I now have 2 friends that have started ‘gym life’ from my transformation! The flow on affect is amazing! One is 6 weeks pot baby and I’m so proud of her! All thanks to you my love!”