Lifestyle Program Nutrition | Emma Bowman - Posing & Fitness Coach

Lifestyle Program Nutrition

$55.00 + GST / week for 12 weeks and a $305.00 sign-up fee



  • Analysis of current exercise program and food intake
  • Track your progress on the client app where you can log your results of your own training and progress
  • Customised meal plan, or make your own through my help with learning how to flexible diet, to include your favourite food which is easy to follow
  • Use food which is cost effective, family friendly, good healthy and nutritious and full of micronutrients to keep you feeling FULL and HEALTHY
  • Online accountability ‘check ins’ weekly with diet adjustments based on bio feedback markers
  • Group mindset ZOOM calls
  • Exclusive invitation to Team Face Book group support, engagement and team events
  • Receive your macro count so you are educated on HOW to eat and maintain your results
  • Weekly payment plan over 12 weeks