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Lifestyle Nutrition




+ Analysis of current exercise program, calorie and food intake

+ Customised training program for weight loss, muscle gain, body shaping through my app where you can log your results

+ Customise your own meal plan or have me do it for you, including your favourite food, easy to follow, no recipes

+ Use food which is cost effective, family friendly, nutritious and full of micronutrients to keep you feeling FULL and HEALTHY

+ Weekly online ‘check ins’ with diet adjustments based on bio feedback markers

+ Online contact, mindset support and informal ‘accountability’ check ins

+ Exclusive invitation to Team Face Book page group support, engagement and inside tips

+ Receive your macro count so you are educated on HOW to eat and maintain your results. I want to EDUCATE you as we go

+ Weekly payment plan over 12 weeks

Additional information

Online or Face to Face check ins

Online, Face to Face check ins